SK Studio Men's Sandals Sports Leather OpenToe Sandals amp; Slides Outdoor Water Sandal Shoes Brown oAw7UT7StO

SK Studio Men's Sandals Sports Leather Open-Toe Sandals & Slides Outdoor Water Sandal Shoes Brown oAw7UT7StO
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Material Composition: Men's sandal was made of high quality leather surfaces and non-marking rubber outsole
  • Shoe Width: Normal
SK Studio Men's Sandals Sports Leather Open-Toe Sandals & Slides Outdoor Water Sandal Shoes Brown oAw7UT7StO SK Studio Men's Sandals Sports Leather Open-Toe Sandals & Slides Outdoor Water Sandal Shoes Brown oAw7UT7StO SK Studio Men's Sandals Sports Leather Open-Toe Sandals & Slides Outdoor Water Sandal Shoes Brown oAw7UT7StO SK Studio Men's Sandals Sports Leather Open-Toe Sandals & Slides Outdoor Water Sandal Shoes Brown oAw7UT7StO SK Studio Men's Sandals Sports Leather Open-Toe Sandals & Slides Outdoor Water Sandal Shoes Brown oAw7UT7StO

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I’ve had my fair share of encounters with eye irritation over the years. Something about eyeshadows and eyeliners with a pink or purple hue makes my eyes itchy, swollen, irritated, the whole 9 yards. (Though of course it has taken me more occasions than I care to admit to stop trying them out anyway.)

Natural Cold Flu Remedies For Sick Kids

Now that's it's November it means the "holiday season" is officially upon us! And when I think about the holiday season, I can't help but think of all ... VogueZone009 Womens Open Peep Toe High Heel Platform Stiletto PU Printing Sandals with Flower Yellow 45 UK 2Pe7j9VEu

My experiences suffering from irritated eyes got a LOT better once I began learning about home remedies for soothing eye irritation. I’ve tried several of these and not only were they helpful, they were also incredibly easy to make and veryaffordable! So I thought I would share some of those home remedies for eye irritation with you, in case you should ever need them. (Even if, like me, you really should know better by now…) ;-)

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Splash ice water on the face and eyes. Then, take ice packs,ice cubes, or a packaged frozen food item, wrap them in a clean cotton towel and place it on closed eyelids. This helps relieve swelling around the eyes and itching.

Add 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers (or a teabag) to 1 cup of boiled water. Steep for 5 minutes, strain, let cool, and use as an eyewash. May also be used asa coldcompress.

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This is one of the most common remedies foreye irritation and inflammation. Cut two slices of cucumber, place in ice cold water for 10 minutes and place them on your closed eyelids for 10 more minutes.

Cucumbers have powerful antioxidants and flavinoids that are thought to reduce irritation. Closing and resting your eyes also helps with overall discomfort.

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Put a moist green or black teabag on the affected eye for several minutes. Repeat several times a day. If your eye is swollen, moisten the teabag with cool water. Tea contains bioflavonoids that fight viral and bacterial infections and can help reduce inflammation. The tannic acid in the tea will soothe the itching. A weak solution of tea may also be used as an eyewash.

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