Diadora Men's Game P Low Top Shoes Black 9 2WQ7N3Vxd

Diadora Men's Game P Low Top Shoes Black 9 2WQ7N3Vxd
  • Men's Game P Low Top Shoes
  • Breathable leather lining
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Material Composition: Leather
  • Style Number: 101160281
Diadora Men's Game P Low Top Shoes Black 9 2WQ7N3Vxd Diadora Men's Game P Low Top Shoes Black 9 2WQ7N3Vxd Diadora Men's Game P Low Top Shoes Black 9 2WQ7N3Vxd


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In the Summer Time

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2018 In the Summer Time!

Summer Time activities and memories are so sweet, and there is no better time than winter to keep pull out all our warm summery thoughts and stitch them into a quilt.

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UX for the Masses

Design principles , Service design , UX design


5 minutes read

I live in a small village near to Cambridge in the UK. In my village are a number of mini-roundabouts such as the one shown below. For those unfamiliar with roundabouts (another ShangYi Womens Shoes Fleece Flat Heel Comfort / Open Toe Sandals Dress / Casual Black / Blue / Red / Beige Blue nkLwqlb
) they are circular road junctions that are supposed to be safer and provide better traffic circulation than a more traditional junction. Drivers must give way to traffic already on the roundabout and then drive around the centre to get to their desired junction. If everyone does this then roundabouts can work well. However, the mini-roundabouts in my village have a problem, one that is caused by a design that does not properly consider the user’s mental model. Let me explain.

A mental model is the internal model that someone uses to quickly understand and interact with things in the real world. Rather than starting from scratch each time we are presented with a situation we will intuitively employ an internalised mental model which has been built up from real-world experience. In this instance users of the mini-roundabout are likely to employ one of two internal mental models:

A roundabout A road junction

The key problem with the mini-roundabouts in my village is that the mental model utilised by users can differ, leading to potentially very dangerous situations. Imagine for example two cars approaching the mini-roundabout. The first driver treats it like a junction, because he thinks that it looks more like a junction than a roundabout. He will therefore assume that he has right of way and that the driver approaching from the side road will stop to let him through. The second driver on the other hand treats it like a roundabout. She assumes that she has right of way and that the driver on the main road will stop to let her enter the roundabout. If both drivers blindly follow their chosen mental model, then it’s going to result in an almighty CRASH as each incorrectly assumes that the other will give way.

This lack of a consistent mental model is down to the poor design of these and countless other mini-roundabouts. The design does not help the user to select the intended mental model to use (i.e. a roundabout) because at a glance it could be interpreted as a roundabout, or as a junction. A better design would make it clearer which mental model to use, such as the example below which uses a sign and raised curb to stop vehicles from driving straight over the mini roundabout and to re-enforce the fact that a mini-roundabout is still a roundabout.

Mental models can have a huge impact on how users perceive and use something. Go against the mental model used by the vast majority of users, or make it unclear which mental model to use, and you’ve got the recipe for something that is confusing and unintuitive. So how do you go about designing products and services that are aligned with a user’s mental model? How do you help users to select the intended mental model to use? Here are some tips for doing just this.

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